Welcome! We are so glad you are here. Our children’s ministry at Christ’s Church Albany is dedicated to helping kids take next steps in their love for Jesus, each other and the world. This happens in a fun, safe and loving environment.

For Nursery Children (ages birth- 23 months), we have created a place for children to experience the love of Christ through our volunteers and environment. Our nursery is equipped with a changing table, pack-n-play, rocking chair, toys, baby swing, bumbo chairs and bouncy chairs and our volunteers are prepared to engage with your child and meet her/his needs while in the nursery. We have Cheerios available upon request if your child needs a snack.

For Nursing Moms, you are welcome to nurse your child in the service or in our private nursing area in the children’s wing. There, we have a rocking chair, changing table and diapering supplies available for your use. Our Children’s Security person, located at the door to the children’s area, can direct you to the nursing area.

Our Toddler and Preschool Children (ages 23 months- pre-k) are introduced to Jesus in an age-appropriate environment with Life. Church’s Early Childhood interactive videos. These classes are designed to work in tandem with the Bible App for Kids, which can be downloaded and used at home. At Christs Church Albany, we provide structure and repetition in a fun environment where children will be loved and cared for.

Our Elementary Children are taught how to follow Jesus amidst the challenges they face at school, home and elsewhere.  With dynamic, highly-relatable TV-show style videos from Life.Church, the children are taught to apply their faith in Jesus to their lives.  These videos are interspersed with small group discussions and activities and worship time. Teachers engage and encourage children to be all God created them to be!

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What to Expect

We are so glad that you have chosen to visit Christ’s Church Albany! Rest assured that your children will be well cared-for while you enjoy the service. All of our children’s workers have been background checked and screened before they are allowed to serve. They are also required to attend regular training that covers safety issues and policies for caring for children.

When you arrive at the Elk’s Lodge, you will be greeted at the door by our CCA Greeters. If you ask, they will guide you up the steps and to the right, where our Children’s Area is located. There, someone from our Kids Security team will greet you and ask that you fill out a registration form. If you would like to save time on Sunday, you may fill it out here ahead of time. Your child’s information will be entered into our system and they will receive a printed-out name tag with a security code on it. You will receive a stub with the matching code on it. (Don’t lose your stub! You will need it to receive your child back at the end of the service.) Your child will then be escorted to her/his classroom by our security person. The children’s area is a secure area and no one will be permitted to enter during the service. At the conclusion of the service, you may pick your child up from her/his classroom. Please be sure to stop by the security station on our way out to return your child’s name tag sticker and your stub.

If you happen to lose your stub, please check in with our security person before picking up your child. 

Meet our Children’s Directors

Julie Hallgren Headshot

Hi, I am Julie Hallgren, mom to four children ages 8-14. In college, I studied Christian Education, however, my experience as a mom is what truly prepared me to be a Children’s Director. I have homeschooled some or all of my children for the past 9 years. This fall, I look forward to sending my last two to Albany Public Schools! I enjoy teaching kids and creating fun environments where they thrive. Most of all, I enjoy introducing them to the person who has changed my life- Jesus.

Julie Hallgren

Lindy Stines Headshot

Hey Y’all! My name is Lindy Stines, and my husband and I love being members of such an amazing church! I am originally from Georgia and have taught first grade for four wonderful years. I have enjoyed taking on the calling to be a Children’s Director, because it helps me guide young minds spiritually. Additionally, it humbles me with the ever constant reminder to be more like God’s children; accepting and eager to learn. God wants us to expand upon our spiritual gifts and I am thankful that I get to be a part of the CCKids Ministry team. I love serving in CCKids because I get to see how Jesus works through his favorite people, his children.

– Lindy Stines

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