Christmas is a wonderful time of the year…..but it is also one of the busiest! It is so busy that it is easy to get stuck in the chaos of our hectic schedules, with the result that we miss the most important parts. I think Sunday services are always a helpful tool in helping us refocus on priorities, but especially at Christmas! So with that in mind I wanted to give you our Sunday Christmas schedule. I hope that you can join us and maybe there is a Sunday that would be a perfect invite for a friend or neighbor. This Christmas, we are asking the question, what do we REALLY want for Christmas?

(Note: Starting this Sunday our services begin,for real, at 10:30pm, doors open at 10:00am and CCKids check-in is at 10:10am)

December 2

How much of the nativity is true? Some? All? None? There are a lot of fairy tales or myths at Christmas (reindeer, elves, miracles on 34th street). They are warm stories that have good morals, but with so many stories, it is easy to wonder what is true.

Bring your doubts and questions and let us ask what really happened, 2,000 years ago

December 9th

What do you really want? Like, way deep down? Maybe so deep that you have almost given up on wanting it. Maybe you would even say it is impossible.

There are a lot of songs about hope and the magic of Christmas, but is there any room for logical/scientific people to wish for some wonder in this season?

December 16th

Its tough to do the “right” thing.  Eat the “right” things. Get the “right” amount of sleep. Treat our family “right”. How do we do the

right thing when it is so easy not to?

·      Come early or stay late to take advantage of our FREE Christmas Photo Booth.

December 23rd

What do you want for Christmas?

For some of us we don’t really want anything, we just want to get through….

Our expectation and hopes are low, especially when we think of something “spiritual.” BUT if something happened, would you have the guts to take a next step?

December 24th – 4:30pm

Join us for a special candlelit Christmas Eve service.

What do YOU want for Christmas, really?

A new tie? Socks? A gift card?

Your kids to call? To not gain weight? A boyfriend?

What do you REALLY want?

December 30th – Post Yuletide Brunch

Join us for a special and unique service. We share brunch during service as we sing and swap stories. Bring a brunch dish to share.

Kids Christmas Presentation

Christmas Eve