The Building is temporarily closed, but we don’t have to stop “being” church! After all, church is not a building, an organization, or service. Church is all of us and how we live our lives in the name and love of Jesus

Service is online at 10:30am on Sundays. Begin logging in at 10:10am to chat with new and old friends!    Join Here

– You can hear the weekly message by clicking here

– Our community groups will continue through video meetings.  Now is a great time to join one. Click here

– We have daily resource material on our Facebook page for devotions and family activities; playlists for worship music are available as well as daily videos featuring members of our church family.

– We are partnering with many local groups to address important needs in our city. To keep up to date, join our Serve Albany Facebook Group. Click here to join. 

– You can also see various videos on our Youtube Channel.

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Here are some other ways we can follow Jesus in this season: 

  • Leverage this opportunity of extra time! Anyone ever use the excuse of being too busy when it comes to prayer, bible reading, or any other life giving habit? You now have some time! 
    • Take the Next Step Survey and talk about it with a family member or friend (maybe over the phone). 
    • Read part or all of the book John. 
    • Pray for 5 – 10 people by name. 
    • Write a few people some encouraging notes or and email. 
    • Read a Bible story with your family and talk about it? 


  • This is an opportunity for us to care for and love one another.  One way we can do that is by staying in touch with each other – checking in on others via phone or email. Do you have anything you can share? Don’t stockpile toilet paper or sanitizer; let’s be generous. Perhaps worse than being physically ill is being lonely and feeling nobody cares.  So let’s also be prepared to seize opportunities to show love and compassion to those who are not part of our family – people who are scared and don’t know they can turn to God for peace in the midst of turmoil. This is an opportunity to show Christ’s love.


  • Let someone serve you! If anyone is ill with flu or Coronavirus, please stay home but also let us know by calling one of the elders or Pastor Jon at the numbers listed at the end of the Response Plan that is attached. To the extent possible, we want to assist you and also need to notify others with whom you’ve had contact at church.  We will try to help you with groceries and other essentials.  


  • Pray for our leaders. In times of crises, it is easy to be critical of leaders—national, local, school, etc. Refuse to jump into that stream. Leadership is challenging, and many times the “right” answer is only 100% clear in hindsight. Additionally, being critical often does not actually help address the issue at hand, and it really does not help you get better either. Let’s be people of encouragement! 

We encourage you to use the links below to stay informed of late-breaking changes in guidance about social distancing, preventive measures and action steps.

World Health Organization  


NYS Department of Health

See other resources and videos on our YouTube and Facebook channels. Link to those channels