Thanks for an amazing summer! Stay tuned for next year’s events!

There is a popular phrase that says, “talk is cheap.” The idea is that just saying something is easy, but it’s the follow-through that makes all the difference. This is definitely true of our church.

At Christ’s Church Albany, we have said: We Love Albany! We not only say it but we put in the time and effort to actually live it out!

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Christ’s Church Albany along with Positive iNK have collaborated to make a bold statement about Love. Get your short-sleeved shirt with the Love Albany logo on the front, Positive iNK logo and an MLK quote on the back. Positive iNK is donating 50% of the profits to Christ’s Church Albany to help them with their mission!

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Volunteers Make a Big Difference!

Here are some fun numbers from this past summer (2017):

50: The number of community events we have partnered with this summer. These events range from birthday parties to neighborhood movie nights.

$28,000: The amount of money we saved associations, organizations, and neighbors by donating our equipment (bounce house, grill, sound system) instead of them renting similar gear.

70: The number of people who volunteered at one of these events.

Join us in Loving Albany!

Volunteer At One Of Our Love Albany Events

Throw Your Own Party

Are you throwing a party or event in Albany? We would love to help! We believe community events are one of the best ways to connect neighbors, keep our streets safe, and build pride in our city.

Look through our list of equipment and see if there is something you would like to borrow.

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