Loving the world around us is an important part of the reason Christ’s Church Albany exists. We have chosen to partner with these great missions partners around the world. 

A growing group of people with a passion to love the neediest children around the world. By providing thoughtful interventions like safe water, nutritious food, healthcare, spiritual mentoring and education, together we can end the cycle of poverty and see these children live for God and love others.

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CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training, and more.

Stadia has had the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders start new churches. With these leaders, we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus Christ through  local church.

We have served in Korça, Albania since April 2012. We came believing that God has called us to establish local churches in areas of Albania where there are none. The local church is a key element of any community, capable of meeting spiritual and physical needs wherever it is.

– Kenny and Heather Haggard