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The summer we want to grow in prayer, connection, and fun. How? We believe the BEST way is in lots of small watch parties: 

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Why Watch Parties?

Prayer, Connection, and Fun!

So let me begin by admitting I am definitely not an expert in tools. What I do know is there are a lot of them!

Because there are lots and lots of projects, AND different projects require different tools. There are some tools that are used very frequently for lots of different kinds of projects.  But some tools are very specialized and are only used on specific worksites.

The tool you use depends on what you are working on. And having the right one matters.  There are times where a project is way more difficult because I don’t have the right tool. 

As a church (group of people) we have lots of tools, otherwise referred to as programs such as Sunday morning services, small groups, classes, etc.  Tools can also refer to our equipment and resources such as the building we rent, sound system, Love Albany trailer, and bounce house. And for us individually, tools are the different gifts and talents that each of us has been given.

The best tool to use depends on the project. And this summer we have decided on a big summer project!  We want to grow in prayer, connection, and fun!

We want to roll into the fall, with each of us being:

  • More comfortable, confident, and powerful in our prayers. 
  • Better connected to other people in our church family. 
  • Having some great memories of fun, food, and laughter. 

As we look through our tool bag, we think the best way to complete this project is combining our tool of small groups with our new tool of digital church.

This, of course, means that we will not be using some other tools for this project.  During July and August, we will not hold Sunday morning services in the building. We believe in that tool; it’s just not the right tool for this summer.

Instead, we will be gathering in small groups. As we have always done, small groups will meet at different times, different days, and various locations. The groups will vary in size from just a couple of people up to a dozen.

(What about Kids? We would love your input) 

The groups will meet together to discuss what we will all be learning about prayer. And what we are learning will be available digitally through YouTube and Christ’s Church online for us all to view.

We would love for all of you to join one of these groups!

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The Best Tool for the season

Health goals?

Relationship goals?

Spiritual goals?

Community/social goals?

We all have places we would like to be. Question is, how do we get there?

As a church, this summer we have three goals: prayer, connection, and fun.

➡ Prayer: Prayer is a part of all of our lives. It is something that all of us do, but if we are honest, a lot of us have some reluctance as well. Maybe we feel like prayer is more of a got-to-do then a get-to-do. Others of us are not quite sure how to pray. Some of us might be disappointed by our lack of enjoyment or because we don’t sense supernatural power in prayer.

At the same time, we want to pray, and at times even feel that we desperately need prayer.

We think it is good to learn about prayer this summer. As a church we want to become more proficient and passionate in prayer.  We want to become a group of people who not only enjoy spending time with God in prayer but also experience a real transformation in our lives because of it.

➡ Connection: The pandemic has left many of us feeling isolated, but introverts and even some extroverts are anxious about getting reconnected with people. For all of us, we don’t crave just being “around” people; we want to be a part of a family/ squad/ team.

➡ Fun: This has been a really difficult year, and we all need some serious joy! We need food, games, songs, and laughter.

So how can we get there?  How can we learn about prayer, reconnect and have fun each week?

First, we don’t think gathering in our un-air-conditioned auditorium, with ever-changing pandemic guidelines for church services, is an ideal scenario.

And, prayer requires practice. Learning happens best when people have the opportunity to ask questions and can hold each other accountable. It’s difficult to learn that way in a large gathering.

It’s true that it’s a lot of fun to be together in a large group and we have some fun events planned. But we think for going deeper with prayer, for connecting and having fun week by week, the best way this summer is to do it with a small group of people.

So, this summer, in July and August, our services will be small watch parties. Each week, our watch party groups will hear some updates about our larger community events and opportunities to serve, and then we’ll watch a 30-minute video containing teaching about prayer, and worship. You will want to see these videos.

Watching is just the beginning.

We want you to have a time and place to talk about what you have learned. We want you to be able to practice what you are learning with a small trusted group. This allows everyone to share what is going on in life.  It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and develop deeper friendships. And it’s a great chance

 to have some serious fun!

Meeting as a small watch party group means total flexibility:

Different groups will meet on different days and times.

There are some set groups that you can join, or you can start your own. 

A group could be as many as a dozen people or just a handful. 

Each group can meet anywhere, whether in a living room, backyard, in the park, at a lake or by zoom.

Do you want to go where we are going with prayer, connection and fun? 

Sign up and let us know if you want to join a watch party or maybe even host a watch party.

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